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Approved U.K. Retailer

...It’s a phrase getting bandied about on social media a lot these days, especially on certain Facebook group pages. We’ve started using it in our hashtags on instagram lately for a variety of reasons but mainly to give you guys the trust and confidence in buying from our fine selves but what does it mean and does it really even exist ? 

From a business point of view we would classify ourselves as approved retailers as we buy all of our products through the UK Distributor network. We have been very selective with the brands we sell and the distributors we use. Due to the fact we have trade accounts setup with these fine suppliers that gives us their approvals to retail the products they distribute. Our contact details are easy enough to find, our vat details are legitimate unlike some of these offshore retailers who are allegedly in places like the Isle of Man but have an Italian vat number. 

What do our benefits give you guys ? 

Trust - It gives you trust, trust that you have not only our back up but also that of the UK distributor and the manufacturer if needed. 

Peace - It gives you peace of mind that your hard earned money isn’t being wasted or lost to companies that don’t exist. 

Confidence - Confidence in the stock being held in the UK, if we don’t have it in stock ourselves we are pretty certain our distributors will have it which means we will have it back in stock the next day. None of this waiting around for 6-8 weeks as you see advertised by these Italian eBay sellers. 

Protection - We accept all major forms of payment, debit & credit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and PayPal. With PayPal we never ask for you to send a payment via friends or family, yeah they might take a large percentage but that’s a business cost we have to swallow, more importantly tho it gives you the buyer full protection of paying with PayPal.

Pricing - All our prices are clear on our website, the price you see is the price you pay. We don’t mess around asking people to message us and do underhand heals. We have some suppliers who will stop supply if we advertise their items below RRP so we support them by keeping the prices the same as everyone else. Our pricing is clear to everyone and due to that we get the support from the suppliers and can use the approved retailer status if we chose to. 

We hope that with the benefits listed above you will give you the confidence to support small businesses like ours. When buying from a family run business you aren’t just supporting the retailer, you are supporting other small businesses in our local area. We always try and support our local tradesmen, butchers, milkman, grocers and the chinese takeaway, we appreciate your support and so do they. Thank you all for your support over the years and we look forward to many more good years to come....