SBS - DS1 & DS2

SBS - DS1 & DS2

There’s a new premium pad on the track and it’s from SBS, well who else would think of such a great idea. 


NEW! Brake pad DS-2
Smooth initial bite
✅  Progressive in-stop performance & brake feel

Brake pad DS-1 (formerly DS)
Strong initial bite
Linear in-stop performance & brake fee

NEW! Unique combination DS-1 and DS-2 
If you have 2 discs at the front you might want to fine tune your breaking performance and mount DS-1 at the left disc and DS-2 at the right disc

SBS ds1 & ds2 sintered Motorcycle Brake pads

During the development of DS-2 we received various feedback, which made it clear that no riders brake in the same way or feel brake performance all the same. Therefore a completely new brake concept emerged: Dynamic Racing Concept combining the best of two worlds - the strong initial bite and linear in-stop performance from DS-1 and the smooth initial bite and progressive in-stop performance from DS-2.

In short, a fine tuning of braking performance for the individual rider’s brake preference

A large number of riders prefer the famous DS-1 for its aggressive initial bite features and linear predictable in-stop performance, and do not want any change in performance.

However, other riders have asked for a compound with a little more human initial bite and more powerful braking power in the end of long brakings. Based on these inquiries, we are now introducing the DS-2.

In 2017 and 2018 seasons selected teams in the World Superbike, Moto2 & Moto3 GP, British Superbike and World Endurance Championships have actively participated in fine-tuning of the DS-2.

SBS Brake Pads DS1 & DS2


Riders quotes testing the combination DS-1/DS-2:

« DS-1 added more initial bite compared to DS-2, to get the front more settled and easier to turn in the corner «

« DS-1 reduced the strong «servo effect of DS-2 » 

« DS-2 reduced the brutal initial bite of DS-1 slightly, and bike felt easier to control under hard braking »

« DS-2 increased slightly the brake power of DS-1 in the end of the braking, to be able to reduce the speed that little easier before tipping it into the corner «


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