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Gilles Tooling in our humble opinion is the leading manufacturer for high performance motorcycles accessories. 

Since 2000, German company, Gilles Tooling has been providing motorcycle maniacs around the world with innovative and high-quality accessories for racing and road use. As a former motorcycle racer company founder Gerhard Gilles combines a passion for the sport with the technical knowledge of an experienced CNC milling cutter.

Gilles tooling Motorcycle Rearsets

The development of the first multi variable rearset AS31GT kick-started a dynamic company, which today sells its extensive product-range worldwide both into the aftermarket and as a genuine accessory supplier to Yamaha, Suzuki and BMW.

We are able to supply the whole range of Gilles Rearsets which are available in Black, Gold or Titanium 

Gilles TCA Chain adjusters, lifters and crash pads

Gilles TCA Chain adjusters with lifters and crash protection pads are available for modern sportsbikes. 

Gilles Tooling is also a development partner for Yamaha Racing Special Parts, used on all factory supported M1 Moto GP bikes and R1M superbikes.

Gilles tooling engine case protectors

Gilles engine case protectors are available for a selection of modern superbikes - Panigale, CBR1000RR, ZX10R, GSXR1000, YZF-R1/R1M to name a few 

Gilles tooling tcx titanium locking rear whee nut

Developed on the racetrack but also extensively tested on the road, Gilles Tooling products set standards in innovation, engineering know-how, performance and safety and comply to all European certifications.

Gilles Titanium ACM locking wheel nuts are the perfect addition for the TCA Chain adjusters but will work on bikes with the standard setup. 

Check out the range we have available in the link HERE

Not just racing products though..........Whether you ride a sports, naked, tourer, adventure or retro bike, most come with little or no adjustment to the ergonomics often causing rider discomfort. Gilles Tooling offers innovative solutions, bringing multi adjustment to many areas of the machine changing the motorcycle into a made-to-measure model.

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