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HealTech Electronics Ltd. was founded in Hungary, in the heart of Europe. Their story began in 2003, when they realized how far motorcycle speedometers are off, especially after a gearing change. In 2008 they set up their own surface-mount technology (SMT) production line so everything is designed, assembled and tested in-house. In 2013 they built a new factory (expanded in 2018) which secured their position as a market leader and production capacity is no longer a concern.
HealTech Electronics easy quickshifter guide
Healtech have a great range of products available and we are proud to now be a UK approved retailer of their products.
Easy Quickshifter
Speedo Healer V4
GIpro Gear Indicators
X-Tre Power Box
Shift Light Pro
Exhaust Servo Eliminator 
Fi Tuner Pro
Pair System Eliminator
Steering Damper Eliminator
Brake Light Pro
OBD Tools
Fi Cleaner Tool
Maintenance Mate
eSync Tool
Rapid Laser
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