ūüĒ• New Auto Blipper Fitments ūüĒ•

ūüĒ• New Auto Blipper Fitments ūüĒ•

New Rapid Bike Auto Blippers added to the listing, fitments now available for;

Ducati 939 Hypermotard 2016-
Ducati 939 Supersport 2017-
Ducati 1200 Multistrada 2015-
Honda CBR1000RR/SP1/SP2 2017-
Kawasaki ZX-10R/ZX10RR
Yamaha YZF-R1/R1M 2015-

rapid Bike Auto Blipper up and down shifter

The Up / Down Shift Assist allows the rider to perform clutchless up-shifts as well as down-shifts with 'auto Blip'. This shift assist is designed as an add on module and must be installed in conjunction with a Rapid Bike Evo or Racing fuelling kits.

It connects via CAN-bus to the Rapid Bike Evo or Racing wiring harness and features a push pull load sensor with an auto-calibration system to control shifting kill time and provide a dynamic fuelling cut.

It features full compatibility with the YouTune handlebar controller for management of the pressure level required to activate shifting operations. Another additional feature managed via YouTune is the modulation of engine/throttle response sensitivity and is available HERE

Rapid Bike is the brand name for the electronic fuelling modules produced by Italian tuning company Dimsport.

Dimsport were established in 1991 in the North of Italy and have built a great reputation for their work tuning for power and economy in the automotive, truck, tractor and marine markets in addition to the motorcycle sector.

All development work is done in-house by their highly skilled team of engineers and the plug and play Rapid Bike modules produced by Dimsport are amongst the most advanced in the world. In addition to live mapped fuelling the modules can also optimise the ignition map with the option of activating add-on features like quick shifter, launch control, traction control and engine braking management.

With emissions regulations getting tougher all the time, most modern motorcycles suffer from poor fuelling so by using the bike’s OEM Lambda sensor, Rapid Bike modules are fast becoming the best way to optimise and improve fuelling performance whilst giving owners access to many other optional dynamic features not necessarily already standard on their machines.

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