The new craze sweeping social media has highlighted a few major changes in bike design, especially in MotoGP ūüŹć

Ducati 2019 MotoGP team launch

This week Ducati launched its new look bike for the upcoming season, technologically wonderful I’m sure but butt ugly !! Compare it to the beautiful sleek 2009 model below 

Ducati 2009 MotoGP team launch

What a difference 10 year make hey, I know which look I prefer but what about you ? 

Ducati 2019 MotoGP desmosedici launch pics

The GP19 is one aggressive and angular looking machine but not one you would want on display in your lounge unlike the GP9 

Ducati MotoGP desmosedici GP9 bike

Please bring back the glory days of motorbike design, especially if you go back to 20 years ago when Ducati ran the prettiest looking bike ever, admittedly it was in World Superbikes in 1999 and not MotoGP 

Ducati Performance 1999 team 996 RS wsbk launch

Bike design peaked in the 1990s and has been going downhill ever since in our eyes...

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