Duck Smart Earth Mover

Duck Smart Earth Mover

Duck Smart Earth Mover; a Bio-Degradable and Safe Cleaning product for use on anything & everything with two wheels !

Ducksmart earth Mover 5 Litre

Giving a fast acting clean which will leave your bike looking like new after every wash, Earth mover has a unique blend formula which enhances and brightens aluminium whilst leaving a squeaky clean finish. It will not harm Plastics, Rubber, Brake pads, Titanium, Aluminium or Carbon Fibre.

Earth Mover does not contain any Acid's, Caustic or Hard Surface Cleaners, but mainly Softeners & Detergents with a little Aluminium Brightner.

1L Bottle comes with a Fan/Foam Trigger Spray to ensure you can clean all of those hard to reach area's. Available in 1Lt, 5Lt or 25Lt containers HERE

Ducksmart earth Mover 1 litre

Watch the Duck in action on YouTube:

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