Healtech - The new addition...

Healtech - The new addition...

...and what a successful addition it’s been. We knew the products were good but we didn’t know how popular they would be within the first month of launching them. 

Healtech electronics exhaust servo Eliminator and iqse quickshifter

With modern motorcycles getting more and more technical Healtech Electronics produce a wide range of electronically plug in modules and technological add-ons

Healtech electronics iqse Bluetooth quickshifter easy

The range includes; 

iQSE Quickshifter 

Speedo Healer

X-Tre Power Box

ESE - Exhaust Servo Eliminator 

STVE - Secondary Throttle Valve Eliminator 

Gear Indicators

Shift Light Pro

Brake Light Pro

Steering Damper Eliminator

Pairs Eliminator

Maintenance Mate

eSync tuning tool 

You can check out the full range HERE


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