Healtech Thunderbox Availability

Healtech Thunderbox Availability

Nov 2021 - Healtech have informed us they are having a supply issue getting 1 component in for the TB-U02 fitment and hope to the issue resolved in the New Year. Production of the 16amp TB-U01 is unaffected but stocks may become low due to the lack of it’s Big Brother. 

Feb 2022 - Supply issue still not resolved, hoping to receive stock in a few months time. 

Please be aware of these delays when backordering one of the TB-U02 models. We can alternatively supply you a TB-U01 & USB lead for the same money if you don’t want to wait. 

Nov 2022 - Stock will be arriving very soon !

* Pre-Order is strongly advised due to the high demand of this product when it’s available again. 


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