oz racing piega motorcycle wheels gold front

OZ Racing Piega

OZ Piega
Made in Italy ūüáģūüáĻ
Motorcycle Wheels; invented by man, perfected by OZ Racing
Finally, a motorcycle road racing wheel. The extreme shapes of the iconic OZ Racing Piega 5-spoke design make a statement thanks to the qualities of the forged aluminum and its inspired design. Lightweight, but without compromising rigidity. A motorbike road wheel that pays big rewards, even for the most exacting bike riders.
oz racing piega techno black motorcycle wheels rear
  • Model - Piega
  • Design - 5 spokes
  • Model specific fitments designed to accept original discs
  • Supplied with standard size rear sprocket unless alternative size requested
  • Supplied with lightweight alloy spacers
  • Production process - Near-Net Shape Forging + Heat Treatment + Shot Peening
  • Material - Aluminium Alloy
  • Front Components - Bearings, bushings, spacers, valve, disc holder flanges.
  • Front Width range - '3,50"
  • Rear Components - Bearings, bushings, spacers, valve, sprocket carrier, disc holder flanges, rubber dampers
  • Rear Width range '5,50" - 6,00"
  • Diameter chosen - 17"
oz racing piega gloss black rear motorcycle wheel
Standard supplied colour would be gloss black, please let us know if you would like them in gold or matt black
Order your set of these gorgeous OZ Racing Piega wheels HERE
* Special Order Part - usually 4-6 weeks for delivery,maybe longer at the start of the reason *
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