Ducati panigale v4r carbon fibre nose cone and fairings from ilmberger carbonparts

Panigale V4R Carbon

Ilmberger carbon race parts consist of 100% carbon and are produced exclusively in an autoclave. Racing parts are designed to replace the bikes original panels and are intended for track use only. We have just listed a wide range of Ducati Panigale V4R parts to our site.
Ducati v4r panigale race track bodywork from ilmberger carbonparts
Often their design removes road bike features such as headlights and tail lights. The race parts unless stated otherwise are supplied as uncoated carbon ready for painting.

Ducati panigale v4r race track bodywork from ilmberger carbonparts
Please note that promotional bike images on Ilmberger's website may show bikes dressed with vinyl graphics; those graphics are not supplied.
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