Bike Friday Offer - Use code BF10 to get 10% Off orders over £30, available on almost all products ranges.

Bike Friday Offer - Use code BF10 to get 10% Off orders over £30, available on almost all products ranges.


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PMJ Jeans

PMJ Jeans

PMJ jeans are 100% authentic Italian and the company now has over 30 years’ experience in the fashion industry, working in collaboration with famous brand names including Hugo Boss, Escada and Versace. Over the past 10 years, PMJ jeans have grown from strength to strength and are now the best- selling protective motorcycles jeans brand in Europe.

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The Importance of Protective Motorcycle Jeans

Did you know that only 25% of motorcyclists wear protective trousers whilst on the road? Due to this, the most common injuries from motorcycle accidents are abrasions and lacerations affecting the lower limbs. Most riders opt to wear jeans as they discard protection to be able to ride in style. With PMJ Jeans, you can ride in style and protect your legs from injuries!

PMJ Jeans are manufactured using a variety of unique protective materials. Firstly, the material of PMJ jeans is constructed using the abrasion resistant TWARON® material. This material is hard-wearing, durable, breathable and allows you to move easily, all the while reducing the risk of abrasions and lacerations.

TWARON® is a revolutionary fabric which is breathable and tested to EN13595-2 (abrasion resistance) and EN13595-4 (cut resistance).

To add to the Twaron material, all PMJ jeans come accompanied with knee protectors, hip protectors and shock comfort pads. These protectors are made of an anatomical shape and can be perfectly fitted to the body parts that need to be protected. They also come equipped with a height-adjustable system, allowing you to adjust the height of your protectors accordingly.

The knee protectors are EN 1621-1 adjustable and in some cases removable from the outside.

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