Renthal moto gen 3 motorcycle clip ons

Renthal Gen 3 Clip On Package

We have created this unique special pack of Renthal Clip-Ons and Grips for a wide range of sports motorcycles. Choose the perfect combination for your riding style.
Included in this pack of popular items are 
  • Renthal Gen 3 Clip-Ons
  • Renthal Grips 
Grips Choice
  • G147 - Soft Compound
  • G148 - Medium Compound
  • G149 - Firm Compound
  • G175 - 29mm Kevlar
  • G177 - 32mm Kevlar
Clip-On Sizes
  • CL110 - 50mm
  • CL111 - 51mm
  • CL112 - 52mm
  • CL113 - 55mm
Choose your preferred setup HERE
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