Renthal Moto Availability

Renthal Moto Availability

May 2020 - Renthal have been having production and supply issues since the winter of 2019/2020 and have struggled with the pandemic. As a result of this all Renthal items will be marked as out of stock with a ūüĒī and will be as available as a backorder item. As it stands we don‚Äôt have time frames on any items marked out of stock until they physically arrive with the distributor and then onto ourselves. Any orders placed will be put onto backorder with the U.K. distributor and be displaced when possible.¬†

June 2021 - due to covid and the Brexit supply issues unfortunately nothing much has improved with Renthal over the last 12 months so the situation remains the same as above.

Feb 2022 - We would love to say the situation is improving but it’s a very slow process. We have backordered popular lines like clip-ons and tubes to ensure we get some stock when ever they might be available again. As per our T&C’s any backorders will take priority on a first come first served basis. 

This is the reason we run the backorder system as it’s the only way for us and you to ensure we are in the queue for when products become available once more 

Thank you. 

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