Bike Friday Offer - Use code BF10 to get 10% Off orders over £30, available on almost all products ranges.

Bike Friday Offer - Use code BF10 to get 10% Off orders over £30, available on almost all products ranges.


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Rukka Clothing

Founded in 1950, Rukka is one of the most popular motorcycle clothing brands across the world. Rukka develops and manufactures for sports including motorbikes, golf, sailing and running, and manufacturers a range of clothing, including jogging suits, tracksuits, rainwear, pet clothing and much more.
From the beginning planning stage, right the way through to the finished product, Rukka spares no expense in creating the highest quality technical and functional garments for a range of sportswear and sports accessories.
Rukka is now best known for their advanced motorbike products, this has come from their constant desire to exceed motorcycle clothing standards by meeting the strictest safety standards and finding the latest and best ways to manufacture motorcycle clothing.
rukka motorcycle biker jacket collection from averys motorcycles
Features of Rukka Motorcycle Clothing
Rukka clothing features some of the best qualities in the world to be incorporated into motorcycle clothing. The features help to create comfortable and stylish motorcycle gear that is technologically advanced to provide superior protective motorcycle clothing for all types of motorcyclists.
Rukka D30 air protectors are the iconic element of all Rukka clothing, including trousers and jackets. Rukka D30 air protectors are a set of patented protectors that allow Rukka clothing to function in all weather conditions.
Rukka clothing is also at the forefront of reflective technology, whilst going virtually unnoticed in the day under normal lighting conditions, once night time arrives the revolutionary reflective material soon becomes a beacon that effectively alerts other nearby road users to your presence.
Products such as Rukka Trousers also utilise the ever popular Gore-Tex material which allows you to experience high performance and comfort in all weather conditions.
rukka motorbike trousers and jackets from averys motorcycles 
Rukka Gloves
Rukka may provide the best motorcycle jackets and trousers in the industry, but their gloves range shouldn’t go missed either. You’ll be hard pressed to find motorcycle gloves from other ranges that contain the latest technological features such as the revolutionary Gore-Tex technology that is also incorporated into Rukka gloves.
As a testament to the outstanding quality, we provide a 2-year warranty on all Rukka gloves.
 rukka virium motorbike gloves from averys motorcycles
Rukka Base Layers
Even though Rukka motorcycle clothing is comfortable, warm, breathable and waterproof thanks to the Gore-Tex material, to make the most out of your motorcycle experience, you need a great base layer underneath your Rukka gear.
Here at Averys Motorcycles, we have a fantastic range of base layers made by Rukka that provide maximum biking comfort as a layer against the skin to provide comfortability and as a second layer to help retain heat in the cooler months.
rukka westlcok motorcyle tshirt
Caring for your Rukka Motorcycle Clothing
Take care when washing your Rukka motorcycle clothing; see the individual care instructions attached to each Rukka product but don’t forget to remove the protectors before washing. We advise that you machine wash each Rukka product separately and inside out at a desirable temperature of 30°C or 40°C using a fine washing powder without a soft rinse agent.
rukka motorbike clothing logo collection from averys motorcycles
View the wide range of Rukka Clothing products HERE

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