schuberth c4 pro magnitudo black and yellow modular motorcycle helmet

Schuberth C4 Pro Magnitudo

The SCHUBERTH C4 Pro Magnitudo  is the new benchmark motorcycle helmet for the most demanding tourers and racers.
schuberth c4 pro magnitudo black and copper modular motorcycle helmet
It combines cutting edge technologies with top-grade quality: the helmet has a compact shape that barely resembles a flip-up motorbike helmet. The new interior, with optimized acoustic design, and the high- performance technology make the SCHUBERTH C4 Pro Magnitudo the most comfortable flip-up helmet. Low noise level no matter what the speed. Already compatible with the new, invisible SC2 and SC1 communication systems.
schuberth c4 pro magnitudo black and white modular motorcycle helmet
    1. Features: HIGH-TECH WHERE SAFETY IS CONCERNED: The unique method for manufacturing shells used by SCHUBERTH makes for low weight combined with optimum stability. Direct Fiber Processing (DFP) is an innovation developed by SCHUBERTH. It involves an endless glass fibre being cut into pieces by a robot and being blown into a mould. This preform is baked under high pressure in a heatable mould with the addition of a precisely defined quantity of resin to produce an exceptionally solid shell. The multi-part construction of the inner lining allows for outstanding force absorption, thereby enhancing safety.
    2. Benefits: Perfect ventilation Developed in the wind tunnel, the helmet’s exterior is perfectly aerodynamic. Plug & play Loudspeaker, microphone, and antenna for the SC2 and SC1 communication systems are pre-installed as standard. Optimal for Bluetooth® and radio reception Integrated antenna, pre-installed loudspeaker and microphone. Light and comfortable Optimized acoustics and fit. Extra-large anti-fog lens Wide field of vision, even in a sporty riding position.
    1. Material: Composite Shell
    2. Inner Liner: Removable Lining
    3. Helmet Strap Type : Quick Release Strap
    1. Sizes: XS - 3XL
    2. Warranty: 5 Years
    3. Approval: ECE-2205 Approved
    1. Colours: Gloss Black & Yellow / Black & Grey / Black & White / Brown & Black
schuberth c4 pro magnitudo black and silver modular motorcycle helmet
* Indicates a special order colour/size
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