Stock Availabilty

Stock Availabilty

Like a lot of other motor related websites we use a traffic light system to show stock availability. 

ūüĒī 0 stock with ourselves and our great suppliers but the item is able to be preordered for when the next stock delivery arrives¬†

ūüü° low stock levels, usually 1-3 available¬†

ūüüĘ good stock levels, 4 or more available¬†

All orders placed on a preorder will be ordered with the distributor and dispatched as soon as stock arrives back into the U.K.  

Due to Covid and Brexit uncertainty there will be some suppliers who cannot provide a accurate delivery timeframe. Issues like Brexit, Ports full of empty containers and issues like the Evergreen stuck in the Suez canal with containers full of helmets, parts and Yamaha motorcycles all destined for the U.K.

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