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OBD Tool

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Sizing Guides

Quick Size Guides - More size guides are available on the main menu


Healtech Electronics OBD Fuel Injection Diagnostic Tool for Honda, Kawasaki or Suzuki Motorcycles. One module per kit so please order the correct kit for your brand of motorbike or quad.

Product overview: 

This clever but affordable tool allows Fuel Injection fault codes to be accessed, diagnosed & once repairs have been completed, cleared.

Includes a hardware interface module and a PC software, which allows the user to quickly determine the cause of the "FI" light coming on. The user is able to read the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and clear them after the repair.

Key Features:

» Cost is fraction of the factory OBD tool, affordable even for individuals and small repair shops.
» Software updates are offered FREE of charge for the lifetime of this product. Updates are automatic.
» Sensor values are shown in real time, enabling a trained technician to carry out fault and engine performance analysis.
» Test functions are also included. (see images above )
» The measurements are captured automatically and can be saved and played back from file.
» The USB connection, compact size and auto setup make this product portable and extremely easy to use.
» Rugged design, 100% weatherproof. Supplied in hard case.

Healtech OBD works on most injected models. N.B. OBD will not work on 2015-16 ZX10R models.



CB250F[with digital trip/odo] (2015),CB300F (2015-2018),CB300R (2018-2019),CB400SF (2008-2017),CB400X (2013-2016),CB400F (2013-2015),CB500F (2013-2019),CB500X (2013-2018),CB600F Hornet (2007-2013),CB650F (2014-2018),CB650R (2019),CB1000R (2008-2019),CB1100[non-ABS] (2010-2018),CB1100[ABS] (2010-2018),CB1300 S/F (2003-2015),CBF125 (2009-2015),CBF300 (2018-2019),CBF600 (2008-2012),CBF1000 F/FA (2006-2018),CBR125R (2007-2015),CBR150R (2010-2015),CBR250R (2011-2015),CBR300R (2015-2019),CBR400R (2013-2015),CBR500R (2013-2019),CBR600F (2011-2013),CBR600RR (2003-2019),CBR650F (2014-2018),CBR650R (2019),CBR1000RR Fireblade[non-ABS] (2004-2019),CBR1000RR Fireblade[ABS] (2009-2019),CBR1000RR SP/SP2 (2017-2019),CRF250L/M (ALL years),CRF250R/X (ALL years),CRF250F (2019),CRF250L (2019),CRF450R/X (2007-2019),CRF450L (2018-2019),CRF1000L Africa Twin[w/o DCT] (2016-2019),CRF1000L Africa Twin[with DCT] (2016-2019),Crossrunner (ALL years),Crosstourer[w/o DCT] (ALL years),Crosstourer[with DCT] (ALL years),CTX700[w/o DCT] (2014-2017),CTX700[with DCT] (2014-2018),CTX1300 (2014-2015),DN-01 (2008-2010),FES125 Pantheon (2003-2011),FES150 Pantheon (2003-2009),Fury (2010-2018),Fury[ABS] (2019),Fury[non ABS] (2019),GL1800 Goldwing (2006-2017),GL1800 Goldwing F6B (2013-2017),GL1800 Goldwing F6C Valkyre (2014-2016),Grom[non-ABS] (ALL years),Grom[ABS] (ALL years),Interstate (2010-2016),MSX125[non-ABS] (ALL years),MSX125[ABS] (ALL years),NC400X (2013-2015),NC700 S/X (2012-2017),NC700 SD/XD/Integra[with DCT] (2012-2017),NC750 S/X (2014-2019),NC750 SD/XD/Integra[with DCT] (2014-2019),NM4 Vultus (ALL years),NSA700A (2008-2010),NSS250 Forza/Reflex (2001-2011),NSS300 Forza (2013-2017),NT700V Deauville (2006-2015),PCX125 (2012-2015),PCX150 (2012-2019),Sabre (2010-2012),SH125 (2005-2014),SH150 (2005-2014),SH300A (2016),SH300i (2007-2014),Silver Wing[non-ABS] (2012-2014),Silver Wing[ABS] (2012-2014),ST1300 / Pan European (2008-2015),Stateline (2010-2017),VFR800 Interceptor (2006-2016),VFR800X (ALL years),VFR1200F / FD (2010-2016),VFR1200X[w/o DCT] (ALL years),VFR1200X[with DCT] (ALL years),VT400[FI model] (2009-2014),VT750C[FI model] (2007-2019),VT750S[FI model] (2007-2015),VT1300[ALL variants] (2010-2016),VTR250 (2009-2014),VTX1800 (2005-2012),Wave[Fi] (ALL years),X-ADV 750 (2017-2018),XL125V Varadero (2007-2014),XL700V Transalp[non-ABS] (2008-2014),XL700V Transalp[ABS] (2008-2014),XL1000V Varadero (2003-2012),XRE 300 (ALL years),True Adventure (2016),Pioneer ATVs[FI model] (ALL years),TRX ATVs[FI model] (ALL years),BF115A/D2005-2006),BF130A(2005-2006),BF135A/A4(2004-2006),BF150A(2004-2006),BF175A (2003-2007),BF200A(2002-2007),BF225A(2002-2011),BF250A(ALL years),BF40D(ALL years),BF50D(ALL years),BF60A(ALL years),BF75A(ALL years),BF90D (ALL years),BPF60A (ALL years)



D-Tracker 125 (2010-2015),D-Tracker 250[FI model] (ALL years),ER-4F (2010-2012),ER-4N (2010-2014),ER-6F (2006-2017),ER-6N (2006-2017),Estrella (ALL years),KLE300 (2017),KLE650 (2006-2018),KLX125 (2010-2015),KLX140 (2016-2018),KLX250[FI model] (ALL years),KX250F (2011-2019),KX450F (2009-2019),Ninja 250R[FI model] (2008-2017),Ninja 250SL / RR mono (2014-2016),Ninja 300 (2013-2018),Ninja 400R (2010-2016),Ninja 650 (2012-2019),Ninja 650R (2006-2011),Ninja 1000 (2011-2019),Versys-X 300 (2017-2019),Versys 650 (2006-2019),Versys 1000 (2012-2018),VN900 (2006-2015),VN1600 (2003-2009),VN2000 (2004-2011),Vulcan S 650 (2015-2019),Vulcan 900 (2006-2019),Vulcan 1500 (2001-2008),Vulcan 1600 (2003-2009),Vulcan 2000 (2004-2011),W800 (2011-2019),Z125 Pro (2016-2019),Z250 (2013-2014),Z250SL (2014-2016),Z300 (2015-2016),Z400 (2018),Z650 (2017-2019),Z750 (2004-2012),Z750R (2011-2012),Z800 (2013-2017),Z800e (2013-2017),Z900 (2017-2019),Z900RS (2018-2019),Z1000 (2003-2019),Z1000SX (2011-2019),ZRX1200 (2009-2015),ZX-6R Ninja (2003-2017),ZX-6RR Ninja (2003-2006),ZX-6R Ninja (2019),ZX-10R Ninja (2004-2010),ZX-12R Ninja (2000-2006),ZX-14 (2006-2011),ZZR1400 (2006-2011),Brute Force 750 (ALL years),KFX450RALL years),Mule(ALL years),Teryx(ALL years),Teryx4 (ALL years),STX-12F (ALL years),STX-15F (ALL years),Ultra(ALL years)


Boulevard M95 (2004-2007),VZ1600 Marauder (2004-2007)



AN250 Burgman (2003-2013),AN400 Burgman (2003-2018),AN650 Burgman (2003-2018),B-King (2008-2012),Boulevard C50 (2005-2019),Boulevard M50 (2005-2019),Boulevard C90 (2005-2019),Boulevard M90 (2009-2019),Boulevard C109R/T (2008-2015),Boulevard M109R/R2 (2006-2019),DL250 V-Strom (2017-2019),DL650 V-Strom (2004-2017),DL1000 V-Strom (2004-2016),DR125SM (ALL years),FL125SDW (ALL years),Gladius (2009-2015),GSF650 Bandit (2007-2015),GSF1250 N/NA Bandit (2007-2013),GSF1250 S/SA Bandit (2007-2016),GSR400 (ALL years),GSR600 (ALL years),GSR750 (2011-2017),GSX250R (2018-2019),GSX650F (2008-2015),GSX1000F Katana (2019),GSX1250FA (2010-2017),GSX1300R Hayabusa (2008-2019),GSX1400 (2004-2009),GSX-R600 (2004-2019),GSX-R750 (2004-2019),GSX-R1000 (2003-2016),GSX-S750 (2015-2017),GSX-S1000 /F /A /FA (2015-2016),GW250 (2011-2017),GZ125 (2007-2011),Inazuma 250 (2011-2015),Intruder 250 LC (2015),Intruder C800 (2005-2017),Intruder M800 (2005-2015),Intruder C1500 (2005-2017),Intruder M1500 (2009-2015),Intruder C1800R (2008-2015),Intruder M1800R (2006-2019),RMX-450Z (ALL years),RM-Z250[FI model] (ALL years),RM-Z450[FI model] (ALL years),RV125 VanVan (2007-2015),RV200 VanVan (2016-2019),SFV400 (ALL years),SFV650 (2009-2015),ST250X (2008-2011),SV250X (2018-2019),SV650 (2003-2014),SV1000 (2003-2009),TU250 (2009-2017),TU250X (2018-2019),UH125 (2007-2014),UH200 (2007-2014),UK110 (2015),UL250 (2008),UX125 (2008-2011),UX150 (2008-2011),UZ50 (2015),VL400 (2009-2011),VL800 Intruder(2005-2019),VL1500 Intruder (2005-2017),VLR1800 (2008-2015),VZ400 (2009-2013),VZ800 Marauder (2005-2015),VZ1500 (2009-2015),VZR1800 (2006-2019),LT-A300(2015),LT-A400(2010-2015),LT-A450X(2007-2011),LT-A500XP(2009-2015),LT-A700X(2005-2007),LT-A750X(2008-2015),LT-A750XP(2009-2015),LT-F400(2010-2015),LT-R450(2006-2012),LT-Z400(2009-2015)

Stock Availability Guide

🟢 Green Light

Good stock availability, usually set to 4 or more items and held in store for quick dispatch.

🟠 Amber Light

Low stock levels, usually 1-3 Items available to order. Items held in our stock or sent direct from our supplier.

🔴 Red Light

Stock levels set to 0 - Preorder available. Out of stock with ourselves and the UK distributor but can be ordered in on their next delivery.

🔴 Red Light

Stock level set to 0 with no preorder available means the product is currently not available to us from our suppliers.