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Sizing Guides

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Sizing Guides

Quick Size Guides - More size guides are available on the main menu

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***HAND PUMP INCLUDED*** Workshop Pro Premium Hand Cleanser is a concentrated hand cleaner produced with natural abrasives for the removal of heavy soiling such as grease and oil and some types of paint etc. It is a good hand cleaner that finds use across a number of industrial sectors. Premium Hand Cleaner cleanses thoroughly whilst its unique formula, containing high levels of natural emollients from plant extracts, remains friendly to the skin and maintains the skin moisture at optimum levels. Premium Hand Cleanser is based on a complex synergistic surfactant system and its cleansing action is enhanced by the addition of a naturally occurring micro abrasive. It is free from solvents, silicone and plastic micro-beads.

Workshop Pro Premium Hand Cleanser bio scrub consists of selected, high quality raw materials, which are to a large extent of plant origin.

• Contains an optimally balanced, synergistic surfactant, which also contains natural sugar surfactants.

• Contains finely ground and rounded off walnut shell meal as an abrasive. Walnut shells are a waste product, so that there is no competition with food.

• Walnut shell meal does not clog any drains.

• Contains ingredients made of coconut fat, which ensure good re-fattening of the skin after washing.

• Is pH-neutral to skin. • Is free of silicone and solvents.

• Is dermatologically tested with the rating ‘very good’

Premium Hand Cleanser is suitable for use in all areas and types of industry. It cleans deep into the pores, providing lasting skin-protection and replacing the skins natural oils. Premium Hand Cleanser will remove a wide range of products from soiled skin including oils, greases, tar, bitumen and printing inks.

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