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Castorene Oil

Castorene Oil

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Castorene R40S & R50S racing oils are castor oil based blends incorporating synthetic lubricants and additives which enhance the castor oil’s naturally high

film strength and resistance to seizure. This enhancement represents a significant advance in lubricants containing vegetable oil and minimises the risk of thickening or lacquer formation.

NOTE: These are not detergent grades, and more frequent oil changes are required than with additive treated mineral oils.

Castorene R40S & R50S must not be mixed with mineral oils.

Silkolene Castorene R50S Motorcycle Oil, is a castor based lubricant with synthetic polymers, for even better protection and performance. The Silkolene R50S is designed for hotter weather and climates than the Silkolene R40S and is designed for higher revving 2 stroke and 4 stroke Motorcycles used on the race track.

This Castor based blend incorporates synthetic lubricants and additives for even better and enhanced lubricating qualities. Castorene R50S minimises the risk of thickening and lacquer formation. Can be used for both 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines and is both methanol and petrol compatible. Castor R 50S is not fully soluble in alcohol fuels, but is suitable for both air and water cooled racing engines running on methanol and Methanol based fuels.

 Please note that this is a castor based oil which requires more frequent oil changes and CANNOT be mixed with any Mineral Oils and is sold in 1 Litre bottles.

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