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Healtech Electronics OS Eliminator 

Oxygen sensor eliminator module

The OS Eliminator enables the disconnection of the factory oxygen sensor (lambda probe) from the motorcycle’s main wiring harness without getting an FI error code.



Motorcycle manufacturers equip O2 sensors to the exhaust systems to measure the exhaust-gas concentration of oxygen of the internal combustion engines. The ECU calculates the value measured by the O2 sensor and, if required, dynamically adjusts the air-fuel ratio for two main reasons: to keep emissions as low as possible and to keep fuel consumption as low as possible.
However, keeping emissions down usually means the bike is running lean, mostly in the lower RPM range, resulting in choppy power delivery, lagging throttle response and a jerky feel.

Whether you just simply want to disconnect a faulty O2 sensor, or opt for a dyno tune, the O2 sensor is in your way. However, disconnecting the O2 sensor from the bike’s main wiring harness will instantly result in the FI light coming on.

The OS Eliminator will eliminate the FI light as soon as you plug it into the O2 sensors connector. As the OSE is delivered with bike-specific plugs, no splicing or and other modification to the bike’s original wiring is required. A 100% plug n’ go solution!

(Off-road / race use only!)


Size: Ø14mm x 40mm (Ø0.55” x 1.58”)
Weight: 20g (0.70oz) (with wiring)