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Fatbar 36

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Sizing Guides

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Renthal Moto Fatbar®36

Working alongside their factory race teams they developed the concept to improve performance through weight reduction without compromising existing motorcycle handlebar strength. Every time you accelerate, brake, corner, jump you work against the weight of the motorcycle. By reducing weight it improves the performance of your motorbike in all of these areas resulting in faster lap times.

Renthal has employed its 50+ years of experience in handlebar design, testing and racing to develop the R-Works Fatbar36 the ultimate in lightweight motocross handlebars. Utilising Renthal’s 36Tech™ handlebar standard and proprietary Zarilium® material to give a high strength handlebar at the lowest possible weight. The R-Works Fatbar®36 is 36% lighter than our standard 28mm diameter Fatbar®, previously the lightest motocross handlebar.

What is the R-Works Fatbar36?
The R-Works Fatbar36 is the ultimate in lightweight motocross handlebars. Utilizing Renthal’s 36Tech™ handlebar standard and proprietary Zarilium™ material to give a high strength handlebar at the lowest possible weight. The R-Works Fatbar36 is 36% lighter than our standard 28mm diameter Fatbar.

How does the strength of R-Works Fatbar36 compare with the existing 28mm Fatbar?
The strength is the same as Renthal’s existing Fatbar. We have used the 36Tech™ and Zarilium® to maintain strength while reducing weight. Thus during a crash, Fatbar36 will react in the same fashion as our current Fatbar28 when a rider experiences a serious crash.

Will the handlebars give the same ride feel?
Yes, we have designed the taper so it has the same strength and flex characteristics as our current Fatbar 28mm handlebars. The difference is the reduced weight.

Will the standard controls fit?
Yes, the handlebar tapers down to 22mm at each end, so works with standard controls.

Will the R-Works Fatbar36 need different clamps?
Yes 36Tech™ is a new clamping standard of 36mm and neither 22mm nor 28mm clamps will work with this handlebar. Renthal will offer a range of bar mounts to allow you to fit the handlebars to your original triple clamps.

Bends and Dimensions

Choosing the right Fatbar36 for You
With the launch of Fatbar36 we’ve brought four of our most popular bends into the R-Works line. User’s might also notice a change to the way we present the height (B) dimensions. Now present are Bm and Bv dimensions. Bm is a direct replacement for B and relates to B measured. Bv is specific to Fatbar36 and is a virtual measurement that helps users compare Fatbar36 to our existing range of handlebars.

What is Bm?
Bm is the vertical measurement from the centre line of the mounting diameter to the centre of the end of the bars. Fatbar36 will always be 4mm lower when comparing this dimension to Twinwall and Fatbars.

What is Bv?
Bv is the vertical measurement from the baseline of the Fatbar36 to the centre of the end of the bars. This measurement will give you the true height of the Fatbar36 when comparing to a Twinwall or Fatbar.

Why Do Bm and Bv exist?
To create the Fatbar36 we needed to make the clamps higher to prevent the Fatbar36 from contacting the top of the forks. To offset this we have manufactured the Fatbar36 slightly lower than our Twinwall and Fatbar range when looking at the Bm measurement. Although in isolation Fatbar36 may appear lower in height when combined with the 36Tech bar mounts the position is exactly the same as the corresponding Twinwall or Fatbar bends.

How do I compare a Fatbar or Twinwall to the new Fatbar36?
We’ve created this table to help you identify which Renthal Fatbar or Twinwall bend relates to the new Fatbar36



FatBar36 Bend

Fatbar Bend

Twinwall Bend

RC / Honda CRF

930 604 997

Reed / Windham

931 603 998

Villopoto / Stewart

933 827 996

KTM SX/SX-F 09-12, SUZI RM/RMZ 06-13

934 672 N/A

What is 36Tech?

What is 36TECH™?
36TECH™ is a new handlebar standard developed by Renthal to push the boundaries of handlebar technology. It uses a 36mm clamping diameter which tapers down to conventional 22mm control section at each end.

Why was 36TECH™ developed?
The primary goal of the project was to reduce weight. We knew from feedback given by our factory race teams that Renthal handlebars were strong enough and often stronger than the clamps they are used with. Therefore we were looking for a method to maintain existing strength but improve performance by weight reduction, a goal of all of our race teams. The R-Works Fatbar36 handlebar is 36% lighter than the conventional 28mm diameter Fatbar, which was previously the lightest on the market.

How does 36TECH™ work?
It uses the engineering principles of second moment of area. The larger 36 mm diameter tube allows you to achieve the same second moment of area as the smaller 28mm diameter tube, while using thinner wall sections and so less material. So the same strength with reduced weight. The R-Works Fatbar36 has a 47% better strength to weight ratio than the current 28mm Fatbar.

How did you arrive at 36mm?
Data Acquisition and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) work allowed us to model the handlebar in race use and through manufacturing, which allowed us to find the ultimate combination for wall thickness profile, strength, ride feel and manufacturing feasibility. Without Renthal’s 47 years of experience in handlebar design and these advances in technology it would not have been possible for us to push the boundaries of handlebar technology.

Are there any other advantages to 36TECH™?
Yes, the larger diameter improves torsional security by 59%. That means for the same torque on the handlebar mounts, it is 59% harder to move the handlebars in the clamps.

Are there any disadvantages to 36Tech?
The 36Tech tube is more difficult to produce and bend due to its thin walls, this results in increased processes which increases the cost.

What is R-Works?

What is R-Works?
The R-Works badge represents uncompromising performance. It means we have selected the ultimate materials and manufacturing processes at our disposal to bring you the very best performance product we can. A fraction of a second. A few grams. A couple of millimetres. It all counts.

Why did Renthal start R-Works?
Renthal’s philosophy has always been to produce a product to allow its factory riders to win races and then sell that identical product. However in recent years this philosophy has come under pressure due to the cost of the latest technologies and market pressures on pricing.
R-Works prevents us from having to compromise based on market expectations on price. It is all about producing product to win championships and push the boundaries. Our expectation is that the technology we develop under R-Works, will eventually work its way down to all of our product, continually improving all of Renthal’s products.