I2M Mini-Lap Laptimer

Size Guide
Thanks to its 20ch  Sirfstar III  GPS antenna MiniLAP knows your position in each instant. When you turn on MniLAP, it will automatically detect the circuit where you are, within 20 preloaded. MiniLAP will set the finish line and you‘ll only have to practice and try to improve your performances. The circuit is not pre-loaded? This is for sure not a problem, with a simple click you will set the new finish line position that you can easily store with the name you prefer. Thanks to the download cable connection you can download MiniLAP circuits on PC or add new circuits to MiniLAP so you can create your favourite play-lists.
And you will not need any transmitter but reaching 1/100sec precision. With R version you can store not only lap times but also speed and trajectories becoming close to data acquisition.
Being based on GPS technology this lap timer is very compact and suitable both for a rookie and for a skilled pilot. It is in fact very easy to use and does not require any configuration, form the other side it is totally customisable: you can choose what to show on display with big characters on the main line and what to show an the small line and also what is displayed during freeze time. You can choose running time, total elapsed time, last lap time, best time, gaps between a lap and the previous.
The remote GPS connection allows to put it in an optimal position to avoid problem due to vibration or possible shielding by the dashboard. 

You will notice you don’t have a transmitter when you’ll use
up to two splits you can put anywhere along the track. You’ll easily set the splits simply by pressing a  button: MiniLAP will store their GPS coordinates and you’ll have fixed references during your practice.
Are you afraid to be distracted from driving having to check a time on a display? No matter at all: 3 green leds will flash and let you know if you improved in the first split or in the second or on the whole lap.
Both basic and ’R’ version store max speed for each lap and for each circuit so you have a rapid remind of your performances.
With one button only you can display all data about your Best Lap while with the apposite menu you can review all performed laps, up to 500 for each circuit, even divided into sessions if you like.