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 Size Guide from LS2 Helmets

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Morris Lubricants


Race Super Cool

Size Guide
Sizing Guides

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Sizing Guides

Quick Size Guides - More size guides are available on the main menu


Morris Lubricants Coolant - Race Super Cool is a high performance monopropylene glycol antifreeze mixture, designed for use in high performance motorcycles, both on and off road under the most severe of racing conditions. Race Super Cool protects against corrosion, erosion, cavitation and other problems found in hard driven engines. Race Super Cool exhibits a low level of toxicity and comes pre-mixed with high purity deionised water, for ease of use. The use of de ionised water, as opposed to tap water, ensures there is no harmful lime scale build up in the coolant system.




  • It is a very effective antifreeze and protects all engines from frost damage right down to -33°C.
  • It does not allow rust or corrosion to take place with cast iron, aluminium, copper alloys, solder, or any other metals found in engine cooling systems and therefore prolongs the life of the engine components and heat exchangers.
  • Unlike some products it does not form sediment, precipitate additives or form gels and actually prevents premature radiator blocking.
  • It has no adverse effects on rubber hoses or gasket materials and will not cause leaks.
  • No need to drain at the end of the season, it lasts up to two years in service.
  • Does not form harmful foam inside the system.


    Suitable for the cooling systems of all liquid cooled bikes. Specially formulated for all racing machines.