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Rapid Bike


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The top of the range motorcycle quickshifter from Rapid Bike is now available for a wide range of modern superbikes and sports bikes. These quick shifters need to be used with the matching Evo or Racing fuel modules.

Load sensor cell exchanging information with Evo and Racing add-on modules via CAN-bus to obtain an automatic calibration of quick shifting kill time based on the pressure applied to the sensor itself, while matching the engine’s peculiarities.

This innovative system of self-learning allows shifting operation timing to be reduced of about 20 milliseconds, as well as reducing mechanical stress.
A user-friendly and universal accessory maintaining the advantage of working on both, standard and reversed operating shifting levers.

Pressure level to be applied for activating quick shifting can be adjusted with handlebar-mounted YouTune or using Rapid Bike Master software.

Rapid Bike have also launched a range of Auto Blippers for bike that have the fly by wire electric throttles.

The fuel modules can be found HERE in the Rapid Bike Collection