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Service Pack - Aprilia

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Sizing Guides

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Aprilia Motorbike Service Kit containing Hi Flo Oil and Air Filter (where the standard filter is replaceable), NGK Spark plugs and your choice of Silkolene Super 4 or Comp 4 oil, a race pack can be made upon request.

Silkolene Comp 4 10W 40 Motorcycle Engine Oil, is the most popular four stroke Oil for road going Motorcycles. This latest Silkolene Ride Oil has been reformulated, using XP Technology, to give increases in fuel economy and power to meet the demands of road, touring and track use.

This Silkolene Comp 4 10W 40 Motorcycle Engine Oil, superseding Silkolene Comp 4 10W 40 Motorcycle Engine Oil, is an ester based 4-stroke engine oil with XP Technology to give exceptional stay-in-grade formula that protects engines and transmissions as well as combating wear and friction on all critical load surfaces, even at high temperatures and during cold starts. Formulated to meet the requirements of both air and water cooled 4-stroke engines this widely recommended SAE 10W-40 viscosity range ensures reliable winter and summer use with easy starting and rapid warm up, whilst providing vital anti-wear protection during the cold start phase.




Silkolene Super 4 Motorcycle Engine Oil, is a semi synthetic mineral based four stroke engine oil ideally suited to air and oil cooled Motorcycles that are used on an everyday basis.

The Silkolene Super 4 10W 40 is a semi-synthetic 4-stroke engine oil with MC-Syn Technology for all modern motorcycles and incorporporates detergents, dispersants and load carrying agents to give excellent engine cleanliness and minimum wear of moving parts. Contains a balanced blend of inhibitors and anti-wear agents to ensure correct operation of oil immersed clutches and other drive line components. This advanced additive chemistry protects the engine and transmission from start-up to full power.


API 4-Cycle Performance Spec. SF and SG 


NGK is a major manufacturer of spark plugs and spark plug covers. As a world leading OE supplier in the motor trade, they are committed to supplying reliable components and in these kits they will be the stock OE spec fitment.

* Silkolene has rebranded all 4 Litre bottles into 100% recyclable and more enviromentally friendly boxes, once the stock of plastic bottles runs out all 4 litre oils will be in the new boxes *

We supply HiFlo Filtro Oil & Air Filters in this kit, which were the world’s first TUV approved oil filter, and made to extreme quality standards.  They cover a range of road, off road and scooter applications.

Please contact us if you cant find a service kit for your bike and we will get one added for you...


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