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Brake & Chain Cleaner

Brake & Chain Cleaner

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Silkolene Motorcycle Brake and Chain Cleaner

This motorcycle chain cleaner comes in a 500ml Aerosol, and is non-chlorinated solvent for removing dirt, dust, grease, oil and brake fluid from Motorcycle brake discs, motorbike calipers, and drums. In addition this Silkolene Cleaner is designed to be safe on both o-ring and x-ring chains to remove old wasted chain lube and dirt prior to re lubing.

The Silkolene Motorcycle Brake Cleaner is also suitable for precision degreasing of metal parts, leaving NO oily film. Silkolene Brake cleaner is also an ideal clutch and metal parts cleaner and helpss to maintain the efficient operation of braking systems. Specially formulated to remove persistent brake pad dust, preventing "brake squeal" and "chatter".

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