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 Size Guide from LS2 Helmets

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Pro 4 Plus

Size Guide
Sizing Guides

Quick Size Guides - More size guides are available on the main menu

Sizing Guides

Quick Size Guides - More size guides are available on the main menu

You save: 8% ( $7.00 USD )


Silkolene - Pro 4 Plus

  • Oil for professional racers
  • For all high performance sports bikes
  • Releasing hidden power
  • Ensuring long term performance


Electrosyntec Technology - The ultimate full synthetic ester 4-stroke engine oils for all high performance sports bikes, super bikes and production racers. Electrosyntec uses electrostatic forces to bond low friction molecules to stressed metal surfaces, releasing hidden power and ensuring long term performance retention and exceptional stay-in-grade characteristics even under race conditions.

For racing and performance street motorcycles where excellence is the only option. Specially researched synthetic esters provide exceptional film strength and outstanding surface protection from start up to maximum output in all ambient conditions. The 5W-40 version is particularly recommended for power-increasing fast road use. API SG, SH & SJ, JASO MA.


* Silkolene has rebranded all 4 Litre bottles into 100% recyclable and more enviromentally friendly boxes, once the stock of plastic bottles runs out all 4 litre oils will be in the new boxes *