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Sizing Guides

Quick Size Guides - More size guides are available on the main menu

Sizing Guides

Quick Size Guides - More size guides are available on the main menu

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Rizoma PROGUARD SYSTEM® Street Edition Brake / Clutch Lever Guard, 1 piece biposition

Innovation that is more than mere form, material and system ... it reaches into the dimension of safety.

MotoGP Rider now use PROGUARD SYSTEM® even on the most advanced championship.

Using the same control and analysis systems used in Formula 1 to study aerodynamics, Rizoma has designed and manufactured a cutting edge product.
PROGUARD SYSTEM® is the ultimate expression of unadulterated industrial design where function fuses with the perfection of form.

The resulting system serves two purposes: to protect the brake lever and clutch from accidental contact with other vehicles and objects, and also to act as an aerodynamic deflector.
In fact, the pressure air exerts on the levers increases as bike speed increases. PROGUARD SYSTEM® counters this effect by deviating the air flow over the sides of the levers.

SAFETY - Accidental Contact.
During a number of recent motorcycle races, there have been accidents resulting in injurious falls caused by the contact of the front brake lever with a lateral or rear point of another bike. Inadvertent contact with an obstacle, with the same ensuing consequence, may possibly happen off the track, as well.

Speed exerts negative influence on the aerodynamics. PROGUARD SYSTEM® solves the problem.
Analyzing the data obtained from the race track, it’s been shown that once the 180 km/h (112 mph) speed is exceeded, both brake and clutch levers undergo frontal pressure caused by the air resistance. This results in a value variation up to 0.7-0.8 bar (10.2-11.6 psi) in the hydraulic system and leads to brake wear and clutch slippage.
To decrease these inconveniences and to avoid any possible efficiency loss, the ends of our brake and clutch levers have been machined in a specific way that allows the discharge of air flow. As a result, the problem has been significantly reduced, but it’s obvious that the air pressure exerted on the front levers at high speed does not allow its complete elimination by lever design alone.
The PROGUARD SYSTEM® removes more of the pressure caused by the air on the lever, as to avoid brake wear and overheating consequences, as well as the clutch slippage and effectiveness losses. All this is achieved through this aerodynamic part.

Extreme attention to every small detail and use of the most efficient materials distinguishes this invention, as well.
The typical style of all Rizoma products always serves as evidence of an attentive consideration for the aesthetics and design.
This results in an emotional effect, the ability to arouse positive sensations together with the functional and hi-tech aspect.

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