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Control at your Fingertips

The RC4 offers complete control of your Sena Bluetooth Headset at the tip of your fingers, without the risk of removing your hands from the handlebars. Its glove friendly, 4-button design allows for extremely simple operation, and less distraction while riding. Place the device directly onto your bike’s handlebars and you’re ready to ride. The RC4 features a much more compact design than its predecessor, and fits perfectly on even more types and sizes of handlebars. You’ll no longer have to reach to your helmet to intercom, answer calls or change a song again. The RC4 has a battery life of about 5 months.
The RC4 works with Bluetooth Smart Ready-enabled gear, which is part of the Bluetooth® 4.1 standard.

Pairing with the Schuberth 10U intercom kit:

1. Turn on the 10U and the RC4.

2. Press the (+) Button for 10 seconds to enter the configuration menu. Tap the (+) Button until you hear a voice prompt saying, "Remote control pairing". Press the (-) Button to enter into Remote Control Pairing mode and the red LED will flash rapidly and you will hear multiple beeps.

3. On the RC4, press the (+) Button for 8 seconds until its LED flashes red. The 10U will automatically perform pairing with the RC4 in pairing mode. You will hear a voice prompt, "Remote control connected" when they are successfully connected.